The cuisine at the Pausania Inn

Appetising Hotel Pausania Inn


You will let yourself be enveloped by the scents of its dishes.
The Gallura cuisine of the Pausania Inn is simple and refined at the same time. You will have to forget about quick breakfasts, sandwiches on the motorway and rushed meals consumed at the office… At the Pausania Inn, cooking is a serious matter.
You will not leave without having first smelled honey on seadas, the fragrance of carasau bread seasoned with locally produced oil, tasted the famous myrtle liqueur or the Filuferru.


Hotel Pausania Inn prides itself on offering a special wake up.
In a bright panoramic room you will find a tasty and abundant buffet breakfast: homemade cakes, jams, cold meats, cereals and delicious croissants, fresh fruit, freshly prepared hot drinks… Good morning.