The Passions

Hotel Pausania is attentive to your need for finding the perfect hotel for those who love to visit the area by motorcylcle or bike. Whether you are a hardened biker or a fearless cyclist, at Hotel Pausania you will find all the services necessary to practice these passions in the best way.

Hotel for Motorcyclists in Gallura

Come by motorbike to visit Gallura.
There are many ideas for motorbike trips around Tempio Pausania. It is a region which consists of hairpin bends which make up a truly spectacular panorama. The roads around Tempio, in fact, are rather winding in some sections and particularly appreciated by people who travel by motorbike, above all thanks to their low traffic and the excellent slope of the tarmac.
The ideal for you those of you who love to experience great emotions in the saddle on a motorbike
Hotel Pausania is Bike Friendly and often has the pleasure of hosting groups who even stay 5-7 nights to visit all of Northern Sardinia.
We have a reserved and covered place to park motorbikes and we try to guarantee a set of services which is greatly appreciated by motorcyclists: a good bar service for your return in the afternoon, very tasty menus with typical dishes and the possibility of meeting in a private room to plan routes for the following day.
Dedicated Services:
• Maps of the area
• Suitable places to dry clothes and equipment
• References for nearby shops and motorbike repairers
• Filling buffet breakfast
• Paid laundry available
• Baskets for snacks and picnics

The surrounding area is full of extraordinary natural sites to visit by motorbike: thousand-year-old olive trees, dolmens, Monte Limbara, Rinaggiu springs and the Nuraghe Majori archaeological site just 500 m from the hotel.
Pausania Inn is also 30 km from some beautiful beaches in the area: the Marinedda beach, the Isola Rossa or Vignola Mare; 50 km from Castelsardo or Palau from where you can take the ferry to the Archipelago of La Maddalena and from Santa Teresa from where ferries depart for Corsica.
And after a day spent on a motorbike you will return to the hotel to enjoy the coolness and tranquility or to spend some time relaxing before leaving for other destinations.

Hotel for Motorcyclists in Gallura Hotel Pausania Inn

Bike Friendly Hotel

The Hotel Pausania Inn pays special attention to its guests on bicycles.
Tempio Pausania is a good starting point to explore and learn about the whole of Northern Sardinia on two wheels. Come and discover the small villages in the surroundings and the enchanting landscapes: you will be fascinated!
Here are all the services we have tried to perfect over the years
• The Bike Corner: the hotel has a closed and secure place to store bicycles for the night.
• The Bike Breakfast: a substantial breakfast buffet reinforced with food suitable for cyclists, such as muesli, yogurt, jams, honey, fruit, fresh bread.
• The Bike Packet: sandwiches, fruit, water for breaks during the ride.
• Cycle tourist maps of the area.
• Basic tools for repairing bicycles.
• The presence of an expert in the hotel who can advise guests on the routes and services of the area reserved for hikers (on request).
• Book experienced guides who will accompany groups and families along the main cycling routes in the area.
• Assistance for cyclists in difficulty.
• Paid laundry service for special cycle clothing. Upon request we provide guests with suitable places to dry clothes and equipment.
• Information on the possibility of finding bicycle repairers and renters nearby (telephone numbers and opening hours).

Bike Friendly Hotel Hotel Pausania Inn