Pausania Inn: Art in the Hotel

At the Pausania Inn you will come into contact with countless local products. From handmade products to the flavours and scents of our land, everything is within arm’s reach: masks in leather and wood, jewellery made by local goldsmiths, Sardinian knives, myrtle or mastic scented body creams, carpets and fabrics, ceramics, terracotta, gold and silver filigree. Here the soul of Sardinian craftsmanship is epitomised in every one of its aspects.
You can taste local cheeses and cured meats, wines produced in Gallura, myrtle, oil, honey and so on. You will discover the pleasure of staying in an area rich in culture and traditions, and explore Gallura with an eye on its artisan treasures.
The goal is to create a link between past and future, between hotel guests and artisans and local producers, turning your holiday into a unique, sensory and cultural experience.
Art in the Hotel
Gallura craftsmanship has ancient roots and many of the traditional techniques are still in use.
It is still possible to come across some shops and meet the artisans who make their products with tools of the past: from the handloom to the chisel, from the wheel lathe to the pocket knife.
The activities of craftsmen working on the looms of Aggius attract the curiosity of visitors. The gold and silver craftsmanship of local goldsmiths is also remarkable.
The Pausania Inn boutique, distributed almost everywhere inside the building, is dedicated to local craftsmanship, with a selection of gift items inspired by the rich artistic heritage of Gallura: precious ceramics, wood and stone sculptures, hand-woven fabrics and original Sardinian traditional jewellery. Our aim is to bring two worlds together: the tourist world and the artistic one. It is a showcase that we hope will serve to promote art even in moments of relaxation.