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The staff at Pausania Inn will be happy to help you arrange transportation to and from nearby locations, and to assist you in securing a spot on day trips in the area, which can involve travel both by boat and overland.

During your stay, you can:

  • Visit Tempio Pausania, long considered Gallura’s cultural capital. Its historical center, made up of a seemingly endless succession of granite buildings adorned by wrought iron balconies overlooking stone-paved alleys and streets, offers many beautiful views: the Cathedral of Saint Peter, the Oratory of the Rosary and the Church of the Holy Cross; the house of Nino Visconti, the last ruler of the Giudicato di Gallura, cited by Dante in the eighth Canto of the Purgatory; via Mannu, described in the past as “a noblemen’s street,” because it was home to the Spanish aristocracy; the Theater of the Carmine (1929) and the adjacent cloister (1650). In via Roma, a few steps from the cathedral, marvel at the creations of tailor and designer Anna Grindi, who in 1999 patented a fabric made of cork, Suberis. Visit the old train station dating back to the 1930s, and check out Giuseppe Biasi’s charming murals in the waiting room; the train station’s workshop, from the late 1800s, is closed to the public, but it’s worth asking the staff if they’ll let you take a peek inside. Stroll along the Fonte Nuova, Tempio’s summer boulevard, and walk up the steepish pine grove of Saint Lawrence to the springs of Rinaggiu.
  • Visit the archaeological site of Nuraghe Majori, 500 m from the hotel.
  • Hike or walk on Mount Limbara.
  • Go to the nearby Moon Valley, whose wind-molded granite sculptures are a breathtaking sight.
  • Enjoy a boat outing on Lake Liscia, and visit the thousand-year-old olive trees of Luras.
  • Ride in a boat on the Coghinas River, where bird-watching opportunities abound.
  • Visit the Archipelago of La Maddalena, stopping on the islands of Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Caprera (you can also book a seafood lunch on board the boat).
  • Take part in a wine tasting at the Piero Mancini Vineyards (Olbia), 40 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Board the Little Green Train, which sets off on a breathtaking journey through the region’s untamed interior and reaches some of its most beautiful northern destinations.
  • Spend the day at the Aquafantasy water park (Isola Rossa), 30 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Spend a few hours at the spa in Casteldoria (S. Maria Coghinas), 40 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Head out to the Island of Tavolara, from Porto San Paolo, about an hour by car from the hotel.