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Reasons to visit Tempio

  • Tempio is centrally located in Northern Sardinia and enjoys easy access to many interesting sights along the coast. It only takes about an hour to reach Costa Smeralda to the east, the pretty islands of La Maddalena and Caprera, and touristy Santa Teresa Gallura to the north, and Costa Paradiso, Castelsardo, Stintino and Alghero to the west;
  • Tempio is close to many ports and airports: Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Palau, Porto Torres, and Alghero are all a short distance away (46-100 km);
  • The town lies 8 km from Mount Limbara, one of Sardinia’s highest peaks (1348 m). The summit can be reached by car, and once there you’ll find beautiful wind-molded granite sculptures, a rich flora (with redwood and Mediterranean shrubs), a church and statue dedicated to the “Madonna of the Snow,” and numerous fresh-water springs and swimming holes. Hiking, horseback riding and bicycling opportunities abound here as well;
  • Tempio’s lovely historical center dates back to the 1600s and 1800s, with many fine examples from earlier centuries as well. The town’s paved streets and tree-lined boulevards are dotted with impressive churches, quaint squares and fountains. The last residence of Nino Visconti (an influential politician from the 1200s, cited in Dante’s Divine Comedy) is tucked away on a backstreet behind the municipal square, whereas the archaeological site of Nuraghe Majori is located on the outskirts of town, 500 m from Pausania Inn’s front door;
  • The shaded springs of Rinaggiu offer diuretic water known throughout Sardinia for its therapeutic properties;
  • Many local specialties and wines are readily available in Tempio;
  • Each year the town is home to a lively winter Carnival, as well as to a summer edition in August; another great event is the yearly International Folklore Festival;
  • Neighboring Tempio (within 9 km) are several charming villages, which you might like to visit to better understand Sardinia’s heartland: Nuchis (home to churches and shrines from the 1500s), Luras (with thousand-year-old olive trees, dolmens and beautiful Lake Liscia), Calangianus (one of Italy’s most productive towns, with many workshops and industries dedicated to the manufacture of cork products), Aggius (situated amid jagged granite mountains), and Bortigiadas, perched on a hilltop;
  • You can hike, horseback ride, bike, and participate in off-road expeditions with expert guides during your stay in Tempio;
  • The countryside here is home to a great variety of mushrooms, which mushroom buffs familiar with local species will enjoy picking in the fall;
  • Tempio is the perfect spot for your vacation if you wish to get to know Sardinia’s inland. Hop on the Little Green Train for a breathtaking journey from Tempio to Palau;
  • Tempio’s residents are open and welcoming toward visitors.